Hero Party
Something soon!

I’m still workin’ back here!  (albeit slowly)

Judging has begun!

We had a great start with various entries from both the HoN and DotA communities. I was particularly excited to see the integration with the DotA community ultimately well-received, despite a couple hiccups in the beginning.

I will now begin the judging and scripting process. I may even throw in a surprise. This process is very time consuming so expect results in about two weeks!

Good news and Quick Note on Contest

I’ve now opened up the competition to the playdota community.


Quick Note:

It’s all fair game to modify the given ability a teensy bit to better complete your hero, but be careful not to stray too far away from what’s provided.

For example, for the first contest, it’s perfectly ok to add a mini-stun to the nuke, or make it lower the enemy armor by a small amount. It is however, not ok to do something like, make it spawn a fire elemental. That would be changing the fundamental idea of the ability.

It should be fairly obvious if your ability is too different. Try not to think too much about it!

Update: Drasha from the HoN forums gets this point across nicely, “I think the best rule of thumb is if the damage part of the nuke dosn’t jump out as the main part you deviated to much.” I’d like to extend this to future competitions by saying, if the given details of the ability don’t jump out as the main part, you’ve deviated too much.

HeroParty Contest 1: Seed!

 Seed Contest: create a full hero from a single given ability.

As time passes, there will be many different types of contests in HeroParty. The type I introduce to you today is called the Seed Contest. In a Seed Contest, I provide to you a single hero ability, you create the rest of the hero, and then submit your best work!


Although creating new and unique abilities is great, it’s important to know that new heroes do not need an ability set completely distinct from every other hero in the game. In fact, having a solid sense of commonality between heroes is a much better design. If every hero in the game was played in a completely different way, players would have to spend too much time having to learn how to play a hero instead of actually playing the hero. To celebrate this concept, the given ability of this contest will be based on one of the most common abilities in all of DotA.

Contest Rules:

Create a hero with the following ability:

Targetting: Activate + Single Target

Effect: Deal x damage to target.

Range: 450

Anything not specified is left up to you.


Deadline: July 15th

How [For HoN Forums]: Create a topic in the official suggestions forum category with [HPC1] in the title.

How [For Dota Forums]: Create a post with your submission in the HeroParty Contest 1 topic.

You may tweak and edit past the deadline, but there is no guarantee that I will see the changes or new submissions. Not to worry though, if you’ve submitted your idea beforehand, then it is guaranteed that I will look at it.


Heroes of Newerth & The Suggestions Community

If you have ever managed to get past Heroes of Newerth’s steep learning curve, then you have undoubtedly found yourself finishing a game and coming to the shocking realization that it is way past two o’clock in the morning. After a slight hesitation, you come to your senses, exit the game, and then realize five hours and seven matches have passed since that hesitation. Heroes of Newerth is one hell of an addiction, and like we do with all addicting video games, I’m sure many of us have found ourselves daydreaming about our own ideas and suggestions. In fact, at the time of this writing, the official suggestions forum has an incredible 20,843 thread count. That is more than triple the second highest category in Community Contributions, and that is not even including the suggestion-ranking Dream website. But even though there is this huge pool of ideas, relatively few get accepted.

It may be frustrating to understand why this is. Although, I know not much more than anyone else, having scripted and toyed around with my own ideas, perhaps I can shed some light on the situation. You see, in your head, there are always these grand and phenomenal ideas, ideas that are just PERFECT. The problem is that experience of HoN your mind remembers, and the actual experience of HoN vary greatly. In most cases an idea needs significant tweaks as it undergoes the process of implementation. And since the process itself can be quite time consuming, figuring out all the tweaks while trying not to upset the creator at the same time is a giant bother and head-explosion worthy.

Don’t worry, I too was shocked when I found out that my Gun that shoots Guns out of Guns idea was too confusing and engine-limited to be actually placed into the game. Ideas take time to evolve. And that is motivating force of this blog. I want to give people a chance to see how their idea might fare if it was actually picked up by S2 games, how it may morph, and more importantly, why. 

I will do this, the most efficient and enjoyable way I know how: Friendly Competitions!

Each competition will have a basic rule that you must follow—ex, Make the most enjoyable hero possible with three passives—and will have a general deadline to submit by. At the end of submissions, I’ll handpick two heroes and make playable in-game versions. Then, I will start a poll with the two heroes, each getting a basic skillset description and a detailed log for the reasoning of any changes made from the original design. And if getting to play around with your hero* wasn’t enough, the winner also gets SWEET bragging rights.

I hope you guys are as excited about this as I am! More details on the upcoming competition soon.

*Unfortunately, you’ll only be able to play around with it in practice mode. As far as I know, there isn’t a way to play them in multiplayer.